The Annihilation of Calligraphy

The once intricate strokes of the word “calligraphy” on paper, can now be easily typed out on keyboards

“What a pessimistic post for my readers!” I thought as I typed down the title. Ever since the first tentative thought of this blog, I’ve decided to touch on the dark side of the moon, at least for a bit. As a calligrapher, the number one thing is about preservation. This should be achieved not only by self-discipline, but also by cultural collectivism. This post dedicates to delineate the plight the school of calligrapher currently faces. Please refer to this New York Times article for a mere aspect of it.

Let’s start by examining how the political and socio dynamics post impact to me as an individual calligrapher. At first, everyone writes for fun, for the sake to learn, and for the appreciation of the art. As this particular minority culture made to the worldwide platform, I was constantly asked to demonstrate in front of friends and family. The admiration I have humbly earned are all attributed to the school’s phenomenal reputation. Even Silicon Valley programmers are aware of this very cultural development. Conclusively, the more popular calligraphy gets, the more acclamation Chinese culture receives.

Yahoo’s CEO, Jerry Yang, also known as a calligraphy collector and enthusiast.

Given all these merits of calligraphy. The digital age still posts incredible damage to the continuation of calligraphy. The Dying Art of Handwritten Chinese examines how the computerized age constrains medians of calligraphic expressions. This article reminds me of the friends I have met in my calligraphy class before, who later dropped out because they found more “interesting distractions”, usually technologies. This again brings us back to the innovation vs. tradition debate. Personally, I am not against the use of electronic gadgets, but I do wish people to not rely so heavily on it. As an individual, I found it especially vital to adhere to protect this art form over anything else. If I do the job on my behalf, then hopefully I will inspire others with my determination.

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